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Looking For A Brighter Smile? Why People In Orange County Should Consider Cosmetic Tooth Bonding


Cosmetic Bonding (also known as ?dental bonding?) is a procedure that improves the overall look of your smile. At the Dental Oasis in Orange County, Dr. Brian Toorani and his team can help you achieve your ideal set of pearly whites. Whether it?s to repair broken or chipped teeth or to realize your smile?s true potential, Dental Oasis in Orange County is there for all of your cosmetic bonding needs.


Dental Oasis offers tooth bonding


A graduate from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, Dr. Brian Toorani is specialized in the CEREC procedure. After years as a mentor for the Scottsdale Center of Dentistry, Dr. Toorani has a renewed focus on cosmetic dental procedures. As a firm believer in minimalistic dental restorations, you couldn?t find anyone better qualified to restore your smile. Read on to see if this procedure is right for you.


What is cosmetic tooth bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is the bonding of a resin to the surface of your visible tooth in order to give it a truly natural look. The resin is matched to the color of your teeth to ensure a flawless blend and a natural appearance. Since the resin is made of a durable plastic material, your teeth will look great without the added bulk of other cosmetic dental procedures.

As opposed to dental bonding, cosmetic bonding is more than filling in cavities while the patient is under an anesthetic. Cosmetic bonding is a procedure that utilizes a plastic resin to give the patient?s smile a new, fresh, healthy appearance.


What can cosmetic bonding do for you?

  1. Repair chipped or broken teeth.
  2. Lengthen short teeth.
  3. Restore decayed teeth.
  4. Fill the gaps between teeth.
  5. Make your smile whiter.
  6. Protect exposed roots.


Are there advantages over veneers?

Some people do not even realize that there are other aesthetic options to repair a chip or discoloration besides veneers. And cosmetic tooth bonding is much more affordable than veneers. Cost Helper says that this procedure can actually be as low as $90, while most veneers cost a couple thousand. The cost difference is due to a few different factors: first, porcelain veneers cannot be made in-office at your chairside; second, most insurers consider veneers to be an extraneous procedure, but some insurers actually cover a portion of tooth bonding.

If you are not keen on visiting the dentist more than once, cosmetic tooth bonding is also a great option, since the composite veneers do not have to be created in a laboratory–you only need one appointment to get the results.

While veneers are a safe treatment if they are well taken care of, some dental experts have their concerns. For example, according to an opinion piece written in the Faculty Dental Journal, a consultant for restorative dentistry pointed out that veneers could remove between 3 to 30% of a tooth?s structure. Because patients are eager to fix cosmetic issues, they may not be spending too much time considering possible functional damage. Instead of reducing the tooth like veneers, most dentists just apply an acidic conditioner to make the enamel rough enough for the resin to adhere to it. So you won?t have to worry about being anesthetized or losing structural integrity.


Preparing for cosmetic tooth bonding


Why should you choose cosmetic bonding?

There are other, more traditional ways to restore your smile, but here is a quick breakdown as to why you should opt for cosmetic bonding:

  1. Anesthesia is not mandatory (in most cases).
  2. More cost-efficient.
  3. Bonding is completed in one procedure.
  4. No follow-up appointments.
  5. Lasts up to 10 years.


What?s the caveat for cosmetic tooth bonding?

Like most dental appliances and procedures, you have to take good care of your teeth if you want to make the most of your investment. While cosmetic tooth bonding can last you ten years, that timeline can be significantly shorter if you shirk oral hygiene or continue with bad habits.

For instance, strong drinks and products, such as coffee or tobacco, can also cause your resins to wear away and become discolored. Treating yourself to cosmetic bonding could be away for you to cut back on caffeine or cut down on a smoking habit. If you don?t want to change your usage, make sure you are brushing and flossing thoroughly every day.

if you like to eat ice cubes or hard candy, you may need to cut down your consumption. You may not even realize that you have a bad habit, but chewing hard things like pens or ripping bags with your teeth will definitely shorten the life of your cosmetic bonds.

if you have bruxism (teeth grinding), you should invest in a mouth guard. While some people can stop themselves from clenching their jaws while they?re awake, bruxism frequently happens when a person is sleeping. Besides having headaches and sore jaws, you can actually wear away enough enamel and see the change on your x-rays! And since the cosmetic resin isn?t nearly as strong as your enamel, you could easily wear it away.


How should you proceed if you are interested in cosmetic tooth bonding?

Keep in mind that cosmetic tooth bonding cannot cure extreme decay, extreme trauma, and the like. If you want to repair your smile of major damages, you will want to consider crowns, veneers, implants, etc. If your issues are minor, you can call and set up your appointment. Again, the cosmetic bonding procedure at the Dental Oasis of Orange County can be completed in one day.

The procedure consists of:

  1. A traditional teeth cleaning.
  2. A process to coarsen your teeth in order to apply the composite resin.
  3. Ultraviolet light usage to help bond the resin to your tooth.
  4. Filing of the resin to ensure a natural look at the gum and jaw line.
  5. A polishing to give the resin the natural shine of a tooth.


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Dental Oasis Of Orange County is located at

I am thrilled that I found a wonderful dentist in Dr. Toorani and his team.

The office is aptly named. It really does look like a spa and is full of the latest gadgets in dentistry. It is located in the Bella Terra shopping center upstairs next to Bed, Bath & Beyond and right next to a Cost Plus. The location is easy to get in and out of and there is a parking garage if you are trying to avoid the often crowded parking lot.

Dr. Toorani is working on closing my open bite and alleviating some of my jaw pain so that I can avoid jaw surgery.

He is honest, fair and friendly. I would highly recommend Dental Oasis of Orange County to anyone in the market for a new dentist.

Liz H.

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