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Preventive dentistry services we offer at Dental Oasis Of Orange County are:

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Teeth Cleaning

Patients who are proactive about improving their oral health are still encouraged to see their dentist at least once or twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning. Because plaque, a type of bacterial film, can develop just a short while after a person eats, it?s nearly impossible to keep teeth completely clean throughout the day. And if plaque remnants are missed, they can turn into a hardened substance called tartar, which can only be removed by the instruments at a dentist?s office.

During regular teeth cleaning, your dentist at Dental Oasis Of Orange County will use an ultrasonic instrument, dental scalers, and/or dental picks, to safely scrape and loosen plaque and tartar off of enamel. Teeth are then rinsed with water and dried. The dentist will use prophy cup, which is a motorized rubber instrument that contains an abrasive paste, to polish teeth. He or she will clean off any remaining paste with a water irrigator before applying fluoride into a plastic tray to further strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. Fluoride treatment can sometimes be an optional step depending on the dentist office, so a patient should double-check with the doctor if he or she wants a deeper teeth cleaning.

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Oral Exams

Annual or bi-annual oral exams are not just about polishing up an individual?s teeth: they?re about overall oral health. Oral exams are important because dentists will be able to catch cavities, early gum disease, and ulcers or chronic sores that could indicate cancer. Although tooth polishing is a part of a regular teeth cleaning, the dentist can also check for dental caries or enlarged gum pockets during this time. He or she will be able to thoroughly clean a patient?s teeth and remove any hardened calculus.

At the beginning of an oral exam, a patient will be able to update his or her medication list, medical history, and lifestyle habits. For example, if an individual has just been diagnosed with diabetes, he or she may be more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontitis. By having an oral exam, a patient will be able to be more aware of their personal risk factors for dental issues. Although a dentist will ask a patient about their medical history, this appointment can also be a good time for patients to point out any concerns or pain in their mouth. The dentist will take x-rays to diagnose any issues and then those can be used as a baseline of health for the next oral exam.

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Sealants are a preventative dental treatment intended to stave off decaying enamel. Sealants are made out of synthetic resins, like plastics, then applied directly to a tooth?s chewing surface. The sealant seeps into the nooks and crannies of the enamel and creates a shield against plaque and tartar formation. Some resins even have mixtures of fluoride which can distribute over time, making the sealants that much stronger.

Dental sealants are typically used for children and some teenagers, but adults can opt for this treatment as well. Because premolars and molars are the main chewing teeth and can be difficult to clean thoroughly, these are often the teeth chosen for sealants. Before sealants are applied, a dentist will clean and dry the teeth thoroughly and apply an acidic etching gel to their surface. This gel is completely safe and not only helps to kill bacteria but to help the sealant bond to the tooth.

The dentist will then use a brush or syringe to apply the sealant, which is cured with a blue light. Once the sealant is dried, a patient will need to bite down and make sure that the resin does not create any snags that would otherwise hinder a person?s natural bite. If the sealants are too thick, a dentist can easily buff the down with a drill. This procedure is painless and can easily be completed in one office visit; patients can even eat and drink very soon after.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings can easily be done during a patient?s regular annual cleaning. Part of this screening can be done through x-rays and while a dentist cleans a person?s tooth. If there is something amiss on an x-ray, the dentist can look at the issue further. While a dentist cleans a person?s teeth, he or she will look for anything out of the norm, such nodules or white and red discoloration on gums, lips, or the tongue.

Although some dentists have oral cancer screenings as a part of their regular oral exams, a patient should always double-check to make sure they aren?t just receiving a teeth cleaning. During a cancer screening, a dentist will not only look inside the oral cavity for issues, he or she will palpate the neck, tongue, and inner mucous membranes to fill for any lumps, cysts, and the like. Like any kind of cancer, the prognosis is much better if it is caught early. And since oral cancer screenings are very quick and easy to do, a patient should have them done each time he or she goes to the dentist. For instance, one early sign of oral cancer is difficulty swallowing, so even if nothing is wrong on an x-ray, a patient should still speak up about this issue. Lastly, oral cancer screenings are a must-have for high-risk patients, like those who smoke.

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