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Actually was referred to Dr. Toorani and the awesome staff, by a former employee, who even though went to a different dentist office to work, stated how professional, state of the art, high quality, Dr. Toorani and the entire staff performs. ?What sold me was the photos taken of her son?s fillings, before and after?I have had extensive work, crowns done?.and at first?.you know you could find cheaper work?but not with the quality and expertise of this office and these professionals.

I had a root canal 15 years ago?and the moment the crown went on?I had a dull nagging issue with this tooth?.today in the office?.one visit?.I had two crowns made in the office and I feel so much better!! I honestly thought this was apart of having a root canal and didn?t realize how great and solid his work is.

So?if you want a crown or filling guaranteed for 6 years?.you get what you pay for?go check it out?besides having a super great personality, you will love the perfectionism of Dr. Toorani and his staff??.!!!!

Cathy M.

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