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COVID-19 update: Office is open with policy changes.

With so many different products on the market, and dental offices offering professional teeth whitening, there are limitless options for those wanting to achieve a magazine worthy, blind you with their pearly whites, smile. However, a newer trend charcoal teeth whitening has been making headlines, circulating social media at a pace that many have begun wondering if it is the next big thing offering the most amazing results. In this posts, we will uncover everything you want to know about this popular method for eliminating discolorations, restoring the natural bright whites, we all crave.

How Does Charcoal Teeth Whitening Systems Work?

With activated charcoal, you may be surprised to find that it is very similar to that of bbq coals. But before you grab a briquet from the grill, you should know that they do differ and activated charcoal is specifically designed for its medical applications. When the charcoal is activated, it heats up, expands creating large pores that will trap chemicals. Historically, activated charcoal has been used to treat gastrointestinal trouble like gas, cholestasis during pregnancy, and has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

Okay, now that you understand what activated charcoal is and what it has been known to treat, one of the most frequently asked questions about this method of teeth whitening is how exactly does it work, along with does charcoal whiten teeth? When teeth are stained, you may notice that they have a rougher texture than that of teeth that are free of discoloration. This is because the stains not only rest inside the dentin but also on the surface. Surface stains can be some of the most apparent issues patients have with their teeth, and charcoal focuses on these problematic stains. The activated charcoal whitening system attaches to the rough parts on the surface of the teeth and removes yellow substances that could be caused by activities like smoking.

The charcoal needs quite a bit of time to bind to the tooth allowing it to heat and remove any stains. After sitting for up to an hour can be removed and with it takes plaque, food, and surface stains off the teeth. There are some limitations as to what activated charcoal can do. It will not remove deep stains embedded in the teeth and only can tackle the surface stains. Many may feel disappointed with the results if they believe it can eliminate deeper discolorations. For the best possible teeth whitening, seeing a dentist for professional whitening treatments is preferred. Bleaching systems available at your dentist are sometimes able to achieve stain lifting affects up to eight shades in just one visit.

Is Teeth Whitening Charcoal Safe?

There is always some debate about whether teeth whitening systems are safe for your overall health and health of your teeth. The good news for those wanting to try activated charcoal is it is safe for use for just about anyone. Charcoal is all natural, and because it is specific for medical use in this application, it doesn’t do any harm, even if you swallow a small amount. As mentioned earlier activated charcoal was used to treat gastrointestinal issues and is available in pill form as well. Therefore ingesting a small amount won’t hurt you. As far as the safety of your teeth, there is some mixed logic. The charcoal itself is somewhat abrasive which is excellent for removing food particles and plaque; it can scratch the surface of the tooth. When using charcoal for whitening, you should pay close attention to the application. Avoid using activated charcoal for teeth whitening if you have open sores or wounds.

How Is Charcoal Teeth Whitening Done?

So you’ve decided to give charcoal whitening a try, and want to know how to do it right? The first step is purchasing the product. There are numerous places to get charcoal for whitening, as we are sure you’ve seen on social media. However, you can buy the mineral from many health food stores or local pharmacies. Most of the charcoal available in stores comes in tablet form which will require a little preparation for use. You will need to grind one to two tablets in a container. After the consistency is reduced to dust, you will add enough water to form a paste. Start slowly adding just a drop or two at first to ensure proper proportion.

After you have concocted the paste, you will apply it directly to the teeth. You can brush your teeth before using to get somewhat better results. But because charcoal removes much of the buildup on the teeth, it is not necessary. It is essential to not forcefully apply, gently dap the mixture to all of your teeth, and allow to rest. If you rub on the mixture, you could cause damage. The recommend time to leave activated charcoal whitening on your teeth varies, but three minutes is enough time to ensure a proper binding. After you have let the charcoal work its magic, you will need to rinse thoroughly, a few times. Finish the process by brushing to ensure an all over clean.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Versus At-Home Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Wanting to have pearly white teeth you may start to consider the possibilities. There are strips, creams, trays, activated charcoal all available over the counter. The difference between charcoal and other types on the market is the active ingredient and cost. All other systems available use hydrogen peroxide the same active ingredient at your dentist office only a lower amount. While charcoal is entirely different. The price of charcoal teeth whitening is the most affordable solution compared to anything else you can do to whiten your teeth, but the results are somewhat lacking. Bleaching is hands down the best way to get the most desirable results. Bleach can lift stains embedded within the teeth that are stubborn to remove; charcoal can only eliminate surface stains.

Professional teeth whitening at your dental will be more precise in the application, ensuring every part of your teeth is covered. It will also contain a higher percentage of peroxide that lifts faster and better than any other product on the market. But if you are looking for an affordable way to lift light stains, activated charcoal may be an excellent option for you.