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COVID-19 update: Office is open with policy changes.

During the teenage years, self-confidence plays a huge role in daily life and can ultimately shape how they feel about themselves in the future. If their smile has imperfections, it can dramatically change their perception and lower, especially while in a social setting. Think about how many times your teenager will be taking pictures, the prom, yearbook, or just out with friends. Their smile is probably one of the first features they or their peers will notice.

A common issue is not having straight teeth. By now, in the teenage years, the adult teeth have all arrived, and the jawbone has fully grown. This is the optimal time for correcting any alignment problems. Orthodontic work for teens offers an array of options for giving young adults a beautiful smile they can be confident about.


Braces vs. Invisalign Aligners

By now, you maybe have a good understanding of what options are available for correcting teeth that are misaligned. Whether you have a friend that has had braces, or you yourself have had them, the treatment options have been around for some time. There is the traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. These are the top options available at almost every orthodontic office across the country. At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, teens receive a treatment plan that works well for their daily life, the parents budget, and what will give the best results.

Aligners, like Invisalign, offer the best of both worlds for correcting alignment issues. They are comfortable and invisible. Most people won?t notice that you are even wearing them. Invisalign doesn?t interfere with the ability to eat certain foods, and it is much simpler to care for your teeth. Invisalign is removable, which is a feature many people enjoy having, but for some the ability to remove them can create problems like losing the aligners. Honestly, the only downsides you may face having Invisalign for Teens is the potential to lose the appliance or forgetting to put them back in after cleaning or eating. While these are isolated issues, it is a potential problem.? It is essential to stress the importance of wearing the aligners every day, and only removing them for short periods of the day.

If your teen isn?t ready to take on the responsibility of remembering to keep the aligners in, or where they may have put them, metal braces might be the better alternative.

Traditional metal braces are standard. They will undoubtedly correct many if not all the issues that have caused teeth not to be appropriately aligned. For instance, an overbite is generally caused because of a jawbone alignment issues. Metal braces are affixed to each tooth; then a wire is strung through each one. During treatment, which can last years depending on how bad of an alignment there is, the cable will be tightened to change the position of the teeth slowly. While the traditional metal braces have been used for decades, they have some downsides, which teens aren?t excited about.


Top Concern For Teens

No matter if there are gaps, crooked teeth, over or underbites, these can all be corrected with the help of braces or aligners. But for teenagers, it isn?t as simple as going to the orthodontist for treatment. One of the considerable fears is if the braces or aligners are going to interfere with their daily life. Are they going to be noticeable or will they be made fun of having a ?metal mouth.? Peers make a considerable impact on what your child will want to do or not want to do. For this reason, Invisalign Teen is the perfect solution to straightening teeth.


What to Expect

Each option, metal braces or Invisalign, will have its own unique treatment plan. Metal braces can have a shorter time frame because they are continually working, and not removed. Invisalign is entirely dependant on the wearer. If they leave them out for long periods of time, they won?t be as effective. But most teens find that aligners are comfortable enough that constant wear isn?t a problem.

Talking to your orthodontist about which option will best suit your teen’s needs and examine which would work well with their own unique smile is vital. He or she will establish a timeline for treatment, and provide the estimated cost for each.

Your teen?s smile is essential. It is how they will convey their happiness to everyone around them and themselves. For those that lack having perfect pearly whites, they may not smile as frequently or as big as others around them. Braces or Invisalign for Teens can give them back the lost confidence and have your child smiling as confidently as they did when they were younger.