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COVID-19 update: Office is open with policy changes.

When referring to restorative dentistry, many are confused about what services or treatment options are available, or what the area of restorative dentistry actually consists of. In this article, we?ll explore why you would need these types of services, and what function restorative dentistry plays in a well rounded dental office.

Firstly, restorative dentistry as the name suggests is meant to restore the function of a tooth or teeth by bringing it back to its natural state. For some patients, this could mean filling in gaps of missing teeth or having repairs made to chipped teeth. The function of your teeth aren?t merely for show, we use our teeth for a primary purpose, eating. At times having missing teeth can make this natural process a challenging one.

The services provided in this area of dentistry will help a patient who has lost a tooth or has imperfections in their smile. During a visit to your dentist you may discuss issues you have with the appearance of your teeth, and together a treatment plan will be created to restore function and appearance. The options available include:



A long-lasting solution to missing teeth, bridges are a simple way to ?bridge? the gap of a missing tooth. The way these device works is a composite tooth is made, either out of metal or porcelain, and is anchored in place by the surrounding teeth. Bridge work can be extremely useful for instances where two or three teeth are missing in a row. A common area you would find these at work is the molar region.



A dentist will use bonding treatments to fill in areas of the tooth that have cracks or imperfections. The bonding material is very strong and works on any area of the tooth. For some patients bonding will drastically improve the appearance of their smile by correcting discolorations or hairline cracks.



Individuals who have cracks, decay, discoloration, chips, or infection can benefit significantly from tops. Crowns have been made from metal, porcelain or combination of both materials to provide a natural look to a tooth. Having a crown put on is also one of the cheaper options available to restore the look and function of a tooth.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are typically titanium posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone. These posts provide an anchor for an abutment and crown to be placed. Implants are one of the best and most expensive solutions to filling a gap due to missing teeth. Dental implants can be used for a single tooth, or some dental offices offer All On Four which is four implants over the whole arch that fixed implant-supported replacement teeth will attach to. Phoenix cosmetic dentist, Aesthetic Family Dentistry, uses dental implants as a form of restorative care that is the most natural looking and feeling solution to missing teeth.



Dentures come in a variety of types. The most commonly used traditional full set will replace all of your teeth with false one that is held in place with a glue substance. Aside from a full set of dentures, they can also be made for a full top or bottom set, depending on the need of the person. However, for some patients, they don?t require a full set of dentures, and only need what?s known as partial dentures. Partial dentures can be used in circumstances where you just need to replace a few missing teeth.



Fillings are similar to bonding in that ?fill? areas of the tooth that have experienced decay such as a cavity. In modern times, you can choose to have a tooth-colored filling in place rather than the unsightly silver colored, Amalgam kind that was the only option way back when. These tooth-colored fillings are perfect for cavities that are located in the front teeth and blend very well with the surrounding area for a less noticeable correction to a teeth imperfection. A filling will also stop the tooth from decaying further.



What about when an entire tooth doesn?t need to be replaced? This is where onlays and inlays are the suitable options. These types of restorative treatment restore strength or rebuild the shape of a tooth. Inlays and Onlays most significant benefit, aside from improving appearance, is reducing further decay of the tooth.

As you can see, there are numerous options for restoring function and appearance of any smile. Whether bad oral hygiene, accident or genetics had played a role in missing or damaged teeth, they can be corrected.