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COVID-19 update: Office is open with policy changes.

Invisalign® for Adults

A perfect solution for Beautiful Smiles

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The benefits of Invisalign® for adults have gone beyond meeting our cosmetic needs of presenting gorgeous smiles that promote confidence and appearance to also prevent dental disorders and future issues. Both young and old adults prefer Invisalign® for its attribute of achieving teeth alignment without people noticing that you are correcting your smile. If you are living in Huntington Beach CA area, trust on Dental Oasis to help you achieve comfortable and convenient smiles.

What is Invisalign® For Adults?

Adults Invisalign® are custom-made, transparent retainer-like systems that gradually adjust your teeth to their desired positions. The process of alignment goes on for about two weeks for each pair of aligners. If the prescribed period elapses, you move to the next pair of aligners until all teeth are aligned in their justified positions.

Dependable Cosmetic Adult Invisalign® in Huntington Beach, CA

As your reliable teeth alignment professionals, at Dental Oasis we pride ourselves in using the latest dental technologies within Huntington Beach to ensure we maintain best treatment styles to match your lifestyles. If you are looking for an alternative means of strengthening your teeth without using braces, Invisalign® provides the best possible solution in the market today.

If you are living in Huntington Beach area and is looking to invest your best smiles contact Dr. Brian Toorani, an Invisalign® Dentist who will straighten your teeth using a set of aligners created from a dental lab. These aligners are made of flexible thermoplastic material that makes them strong and invisible for use over long periods of time. Our qualified team is always ready to answer your queries with regards to Invisalign® for adults, braces or acceledent.

Some of the advantages associated with Invisalign® system include:

With the ever-growing technological advancements, clear aligner technology has been enhanced to correct malocclusions that would have otherwise complicated this form of dental treatment. The working mechanism of Invisalign® resembles the traditional braces in that they both entail applying controlled forces to teeth to position them correctly. The only distinction between the two is that clearaligners are not made of metal; rather, they are made of clear and flexible plastic material.

  • A discrete smile Considering your privacy, you will be happy to know that Invisalign® boosts your self-image as it is practically invisible.
  • Variety of dietary choices Unlike braces, using Invisalign® does not interfere with your diet.
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Comfort Invisalign® is made of material that does not irritate the underlying soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Teethgrinding protection

Benefits of Invisalign® for Adults

Most families in Huntington perceive Invisalign® as an important investment towards shaping their lifestyles. There is no right or wrong time to be fitted with aligners and as such there are many reasons why patients prefer Invisalign® over traditional braces.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

A specialized computer software is used to measure the deviation of your teeth and design best mechanisms for moving your teeth to their appropriate positions. The alignment process is broken into a dozen stages with each stage providing a pair of specific plastic aligners, one to fit the top and the other one for the lower mouth. You will wear these pairs every day for a minimum of 20 hours for the next two weeks. After completion, you will move to the next stage for gradual improvement. The process continues until all your teeth are correctly aligned.

How should you take care of your Invisalign®?

Taking care of your Invisalign® is simple as it is important. Since germs and bacteria tend to accumulate on your Invisalign® over time, here are few pointers on how well you can take care of your investment.
• Wash and rinse your Invisalign® every day using lukewarm water.
• Make sure you replace your clear aligners on a bi-weekly basis.
• Remove Invisalign® before eating and always clean and rinse before putting them back
• Prevent breakage by not clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth too hard

How will Dental Oasis impact your Life?

Unlike braces, Invisalign® won’t have a major effect on your lifestyle. Since they are made of clear aligners, the wont affect your appearance nor will they spoil your romantic date as they are only supposed to be worn for 22 hours a day. This means you can take the clear aligners whenever you are having your favorite plate of ribs or making an important presentation at work. Overall, this method offers a convenient and flexible method of straightening your teeth.

Some people are worried that Invisalign® will affect their speech. Feedback from most of our Huntington patients indicate that this is a common problem that goes after a couple of days after you get used to wearing the aligners. Sometimes, you may experience slight slips in your speeches. Fortunately, this is standard orthodontic procedure which normally goes away after sometime.

Invisalign® Expert in Huntington Beach

Our qualified dentist is committed to restoring that smile you greatly covet. Professional aligners are used to this job over timeand as such have vast experience. That is mind, every visit you make to Dental Oasis guarantees customized service from our qualified team.

First, an impression of your teeth is taken so that aligners fitting your specifications can be customized for you in the lab. Our aligners are synthetic, strong and comfortable to wear, making them best over braces.

To achieve the best experience, only certified dental practitioners are allowed to apply Invisalign® treatment on their subjects. Majority of both children and patients can be treated using Invisalign®.

Make an impromptu visit to our clinic and our team will respond to all your questions regarding braces, Invisalign® and acceledent.


Who is best suited by Invisalign® for adult treatment?

Only specialized orthodontics can deduce if at all Invisalign® is an option viable for your treatment.

How do I take care of the aligners?

Aligners ought to cleaned regularly and stored in a cool dry place. Avoid taking hot drinks while wearing aligners as well as avoid chewing gums with aligners on.

How Does the Invisalign® Process Work?

After you’ve consulted with your dentist about Invisalign®, your teen will be fitted for Invisalign® aligners. This process includes digital x-rays, 3D images, and mold impressions to make sure they fit perfectly and work properly. Your teen will also find out during this fitting about how long they should wear Invisalign® aligners. They are replaced every two weeks on average, but it can differ between patients.

Refashion your Smile using Invisalign® For Adult Today!

If you are seeking to refashion your smile in Huntington Beach, CA, Dental Oasis has you covered.

The idea of having that perfect smile has never been more accurate than it is at the moment. Imagine your smile can be refashioned without having to wear braces! At Dental Oasis, our team of Invisalign® experts work around the clock to create a customized treatment plan to evoke that smile you desire. Custom-fit aligners will help align your teeth to their desired state and thus alleviate crooked teeth gradually. Each set of aligners will be worn for two weeks and replaced with another until the end of the year. However, the timeframe is dependent on your specific requirements, hence the process could take longer or shorter time.

Remember, only qualified experts can deduce the effectiveness of the Invisalign® and how it can suit your needs. To learn if Invisalign® for adult is the best remedy for you, contact us on (714) 894-7700 and book an appointment with Dr. Brian Toorani.

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